Guest Satisfaction

Take reviews and feedback seriously by implementing the most advanced solution for hotels. Let guests voice their feedback, compliments or complaints with the voice function. Our smart feedback algorithms instantly understand the sentiment and concepts of guest feedback, and enable you to act immediately whenever required.

Driving efficiency.

We have built the first voice assistant for hotels integrated into a web based app. We train and customize the voice assistant based on the specific service requests of your hotel, hereby automating mundane service requests and decreasing front-office bottlenecks. Become ready for the world wide voice revolution that hotels are adopting to and increase your service efficiency.

Guest Empowerment

Guests can now easily find your your hotel's service offering, available activities, offers and build-in maps with recommended stops all in one place!The app is a travel companion that guests can use to make the most of their stay. Furthermore the app makes it possible to provide curated and personalized information to create a truly authentic travel experience.

We believe that smart technologies can extend and enhance the guest experience.

In the current digital world we are living in, often digital products don't enhance and empower people. Our web based app is designed with the hotel guest in mind. For Hotels, the guest experience is everything, so we build a digital product embedded with the latest AI technologies to increase the guest experience before anything else. Our product was designed with the most important question in mind: How can you offer a next generation digital service and experience that hotel guests will love? The Answer: Hotelier Connect.

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Smart Feedback Module

The build-in smart feedback module instantly recognizes the sentiment and subject of given guest feedback. For example: when a guest complains you will know it the same minute, because our algorithms can instantly determine the sentiment and subject of the feedback. Providing you with the opportunity to take action immediately!

Build-in voice assistant

The build-in voice assistant is trained and customized on your hotels specific service requests. We know thoroughly the benefits and limitations of voice assistants. Our team consists out of MSc in Applied Maths, who will do everything to make your Hotel's first steps with voice technology a great experience.

Hotel Service Overview

Why would you still print and put a guest map on every room? Integrate your guest directory into our web based app, so you can update your A-Z service overview and guest directory at any moment, so you never have to update all the paper guest directories again. Besides the obvious advantages, this feature is also super eco-friendly since everything is digital!

Build-in map of your hotel's surrounding area

Empower the guest experience by providing hotel guests a digital map of the surrounding area. We can plot activities, restaurants, hotspots and much more on this map. We are able to customize the map totally to the wishes of your hotel and your guests.

Offers section for up-selling

Promote your hotel offers in the App and increase revenue from your guests. Up-selling services is important to increase anciliary revenue for your hotel, so we will provide your hotel with amazing up-selling opportunites!

Booking for activities and personalised recommendations

Empower the guest experience by providing hotel guests with an activity section in which they can find all the activities and tours. We have integrations with the largest ticket providers, giving your guests the opportunity to explore activities and book tickets on their own in a very simple way! This also reduces the work pressure on your reception staff or concierge, who spend a lot of time booking tickets for your guests.

Being unique is our preference

Because the Guest Experience is Everything

Do guests have to download the App?

No, we have created a hybrid web app. This means that guests do not have to download the app, since the app works in the browser. Guests can visit a dedicated link or scan a QR-code to land in the web app. They are able to login with their reservation name and room number.

What features are customizable in the App?

Actually everything is customizable! We can customize the app to your hotel's wishes.

What are the smart technologies you have embedded into the App?

We are making use of the latest machine learning and AI algorithms such as sentiment classification, named entity recognition and speech algorithms. We are the first provider making all these techniques available to independent and franchise hotels who could not easily afford to build these solutions on their own.

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